Monday, July 5, 2010

Whitewater Rafting

Today we returned to Birmingham from a great weekend in the north Georgia mountains with Brad and Lindsey.

We arrived late on Friday after a long weeek of work for Cayce to our rented cabin. After a few hours of sleep we headed to the Ocoee River in Tennessee. We did a full river whitewater rafting trip that lasted 6 hours. Part of the trip covered the whitewater kayak course from the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

Jason fell out of the raft on highest class rapid of the river. It was scary for Cayce to watch but everything turned out fine and it was a great day.

On Sunday, Brad and Lindsey had to head back to B-Ham so they could get back to work. In the afternoon Cayce and I went for a hike to a huge falls and ate some great BBQ at Poole's. We went to this BBQ place because it looked interesting and when we walked up we found out that some people that we go to church with here in Birmingham (3 hours away) own it and work it on the weekends. Pretty small world.

It was a fun weekend all around. I love getting to see all the different places that are in this land of ours.


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Whoahh! i think that's really scary ^_^. falling in a highest class of rapid is really hard. but i agree with you, it will be just one of the most memorable experience in for the whole trip ^_^.

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